Creative Table Tops, LLC
brings design expertise and themed décor to elevate your event or casual gathering.  The owner was a caterer for more than twenty years.  She understands how to serve and display food in a safe, fun, festive and elegant manner.  She was selective about seeking out team members who share her love and passion for creating tablescapes and creating memorable experiences for guests. We own decor and serving items for more than thirty themes or we can customize a theme to fit your vision. We bring the items to your venue and set up so you can save your time and energy for your guests.   We have an extensive network and partnership with wedding and event planners, chefs, caterers, bakeries, and other event professionals.

Event Planners
Whether you are a reluctant first time planner or a seasoned professional we can help. We can bring and set up our decor and serving items or assist you with yours. We will graciously follow your direction and operate with integrity.

Caterers and Chefs
As a former caterer, the owner knows the struggle to balance time between cooking and setting buffet and guest tables.  Let us bring the ambiance, so you can focus on creating culinary creations.  

Churches and non-profits organizations.  Many churches have awesome cooks who bring specialties to pot lucks, ladies teas, celebrations and repasses.  This may be a more affordable option than catering.  However there typically is not continuity in the look on the buffet tables.  You can rent our items affordably and set up your own table or we can set it up for you.  We can also serve and clean up so your members are free to enjoy the event or gathering.  We have worked with non-profits who received food from local restaurants in foil pans as a sponsored gift.  We partnered with the non profit to display the food for an elevated presentation.

DIY Hosts:  Save your time and energy for getting your home or the venue ready and entertaining guests.  We will come to you. 

We hope your event has good music, great food, welcoming ambiance, guests who thoroughly enjoy their experience.

We proudly serve the Washington DC Metropolitan Area